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We are a team of people excited about our work, for us it is a vocation to work in the world of electronic assembly services (EMS). Our service teams from the different business divisions provide executive peace of mind to our clients and good productive results. We like to get involved in our clients’ projects, we tend towards proximity and transparency. We love sharing our knowledge with our clients and savoring the result of finding the right solutions. Our proximity and attention make us feel as if we were part of the same company.Our team has a long history of more than 45 years, designing, manufacturing and inventing for our clients, we believe in industrial secrecy, and the different patents that we have created for our clients guarantee us. The commitment of our team makes us achieve new goals every day.


  • Escosura:- we assume our tasks, commitments, objectives, we follow our values. It is the daily struggle to achieve success, being aware of our limitations and executing, aware of them, until the end, persevering in our roadmap.
  • Self-criticism   We know that as humans, we can make mistakes and we accept it with humility. We learn from our mistakes and from them we manage to evolve as businessmen, workers and as people.
  • Pro activity  opportunities come out, they are seen for a period of time and if action is not taken they simply disappear. He who is active manages to turn an opportunity into success, he who is proactive gets an opportunity out of nothing. Our corporate culture trains us to be able to react instantly and effectively at all times.
  • Perseverance We know that to achieve our goals we have to work hard, fight every day in the face of adversity. There are many paths and strategies that can lead us to success, and together we will achieve it.
  • Availability to change  We know that to stay in the same place you have to make changes, to evolve you have to do it differently, to innovate you have to do what has not been done. To be able to evolve is to improve day by day and implies having to correct the course, change the strategy to achieve the objective, thus we manage to overcome the difficulties that we encounter along the way.
  • Responsibility We are responsible for our actions, we abide by the law. We believe in business based on trust and loyalty.
  • Learning   the work of learning never ends, each day we are wiser than the day before. To evolve in our business it is necessary to learn to do what we did not know how to do.


We aspire to become an organization capable of providing the most advanced and fastest electronic manufacturing services on the market. Providing adapted and personalized solutions, of electronic products, to the needs of each client.


Provide our clients with the best and most advanced electronic manufacturing services, helping to improve profitability, seeking the best as the only thread of our offered services.


Escosura was born with the aim of creating a business model based on the supply of special electronic components. The hard and reliable worker consolidated the company as a supplier specialized in supplying solutions to the manufacture of electronic circuits for our clients when standard manufacturing could not continue to provide this service. In 2016, the business management decided to grow as an EMS service provider – electronic manufacturing, with the aim of improving and increasing the service to our customers. In 2016, an electronic engineering company was acquired, consolidated in the local market of Catalonia with more than 45 years of experience in the electronic manufacturing sector. A short time later, it was fully integrated, greatly strengthening our idea of ​​»the client asks, we listen and adapt to their needs». At the beginning of 2017 two additional business lines were created, Ermasol Lighting Division & Ermasol Power Supply Division. Coming from the knowledge acquired over the years of engineering, it provides OEM solutions for our customers who need to customize solutions or improve them. Production and assembly, we have oriented it to the assembly production of rapid prototypes and small series. Providing an urgent manufacturing service.